Things I Hate: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Nintendo Gamecube boxart

I’ve been trying real hard to get into the Final Fantasy craze. This was one of my first games in the series, and it didn’t shape my opinion of it very well.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Granted this game is a spin-off, and not a “real” Final Fantasy game. It is more of an action-RPG, than its turn-based roots. It also has a story, towns to visit, and plenty of monsters to kill.

GBAs hooked up to the Nintendo Gamecube

The main problem with the game is that they force you to use the Gamecube-GBA connection device if you want to play with more than one person. This made sense with games like The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures since you could walk off screen and do stuff while everyone else was tending to their own business.

Boss battle Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

However you shared the same screen in this one, the only thing the GBA did was list some personal stats or something. Also one person was forced to hold the magical bucket so everyone else could fight. This was a great concept for SquareEnix to take, however they ruined most of the game for the dumbest of reasons. I was one of the many who didn’t have four GBAs, four connection cables, and 3 other friends with me anytime I wanted.

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