Saving Mr. Banks (2013 Film) Review

Saving Mr. Banks movie poster

I had heard of Saving Mr. Banks last year, but didn’t know too much about it. I knew it had to do something with Walt Disney and the woman who wrote Mary Poppins. Believe it or not, but I actually never seen the Mary Poppins film. Though I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks as it’s a historical film that details the struggle Walt Disney had to go through to make the film reality.

PL Travers Saving Mr. Banks movie

The story begins in the early 1960s. Walt Disney has asked Pamela Travers to let him make a Mary Poppins movie, as his daughters had asked him to do so. Travers has told him no for twenty years, but personal troubles finally make her ponder the idea of working with Disney.

Tom Hanks Saving Mr. Banks movie

The problem is that Travers can’t stand musicals, and hates cartoons. She makes harsh and often ridiculous demands to Disney such as using no animation or having nothing of the color red in the movie. The creative debate between Travers and Disney becomes tough and bitter.

Walt Disney Saving Mr. Banks movie

Overall I really enjoyed the film, though I have to complain about some historical inaccuracies. Turns out Travers had less power than portrayed, and that she was less happy with the final result of the movie and working with Disney. Despite that, it’s quite the unique tale and I also enjoyed the parts where it told of Travers’ early life in Australia.

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