Red Notice (2021 Film) Review

Red Notice movie poster Netflix

I had heard of Red Notice not terribly long ago. Netflix apparently poured a ton of cash into getting this movie made. The obvious draw to the movie are its stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot, and Ryan “Green Lantern” Reynolds. And I’m sure if Ryan Reynolds read what I just wrote, he’d dress up like Deadpool, ring my doorbell, and kick me in the balls.

Ryan Reynolds Red Notice movie Netflix

The movie is set around three luxurious eggs given long ago to Cleopatra by her husband Mark Antony. Once lost to history, they are found except for one. One of them is stolen by an art thief named Nolan Booth. But he’s stopped thanks to special agent John Hartley of the FBI.

Dwayne Johnson Red Notice movie Netflix

Booth and Hartley eventually land in jail together when Hartley’s informant “The Bishop” sets him up in an impressive framing scheme. Sent to a terrible spot in Russia, the two work to get out of prison and to find the missing eggs.

Gal Gadot wearing Russian hat Red Notice movie Netflix

The Bishop however reveales herself to be a beautiful and very dangerous woman. She makes Booth an offer to tell her the location of the third egg. But Booth refuses to budge, mainly because he’s one of the biggest idiots with a high IQ that you can find.

Gal Gadot in sexy red dress Red Notice movie Netflix

Overall, Red Notice was a little disappointing. The story is absolutely ridiculous and rarely takes itself seriously. But the cast are very fun together and Ryan Reynolds is pretty hilarious. Critics mostly hated this one, but I accepted it as a goofy fun movie with a lot of cheese. They also could have made it a little shorter.

Score: B-

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