Things I Like: Married With Children (TV Series)

Bundy family Married with Children

Such a great TV series, probably the first great show to come out of Fox.

Al Bundy Married with Children

Al Bundy was so awesome. He wasn’t a TV dad, he was a real dad. Loser shoe salesman with a grumpy attitude and a love for women he can’t touch. I do respect Al for staying actually loyal to Peggy despite being tempted.

No Ma'am group Married with Children

He had a lot of unlikable traits but he was a good guy deep down.

Peggy Bundy

Peggy was kinda disgusting at first.

Peggy Bundy Married with Children

But they tone down her less likable habits.

Al and Peggy Bundy Married with Children

I do feel bad for her. Al often treated her like he didn’t want to be married at all.

Marcy Married with Children

Marcy was annoying but contrasted pretty good in clashes with Al.

Steve married with children

Steve Rhodes was okay, as he kinda served as the voice of reason.

Jefferson Married with Children

I did enjoy the more comical Jefferson though.

Christina Applegate married with children

Kelly was a good character known only for her looks, and her complete lack of brains. That girl was a true blonde.

Bud Bundy Married with Children

Then we have sad.

Santa dies Married with Children Bundy backyard

My favorite episode is when Santa falls on the Bundy’s roof, and I believe he dies.

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