Christmas Vacation (1989 Film) Review

Christmas Vacation movie poster

I had seen the original Vacation movie and Vegas Vacation many years ago, but I had never seen the Christmas sequel. I thought the other two movies were really funny, but for some reason I never saw this Christmas classic until now.

Christmas tree Christmas Vacation movie

The movie is yet again another adventure of the Griswold family, and unlike the other films they really don’t go anywhere. They really spend Christmas break, and try to make it the best holiday ever. Except the dad Clark makes plenty of goofy mistakes. Like getting a Christmas tree larger than their living room and getting stuck in the attic.

Uncle Eddie Christmas Vacation movie

The Griswolds also have to spend time with their family members for the holiday. Including both sides of grandparents, their crazy aunt and uncle, and worthless Cousin Eddie and his family. The Griswolds learn that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong before “Santa” arrives.

Christmas Vacation movie Chevy Chase

Overall I found Christmas Vacation to be very funny. I can see why it’s regraded as a Christmas classic. I did think the later half could of been a lot funnier, but it’s still one of the best comedies for the Christmas holiday.

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