Enchanted (2007 Film) Review

Enchanted 2007 movie poster

Back in 2007, I don’t even recall Enchanted ever coming out. I really liked its star Amy Adams in The Muppets and Man of Steel so I wanted to give Enchanted a chance.

Amy Adams Enchanted 2007 movie

The film starts out in the cartoon fairy-tale land of Andalasia. The Queen Narissa is worried that her step-son Prince Edward will fall in love and get married which will cause her to lose the throne. When Edward falls in love with a young maiden named Giselle at first-sight, they plan to get married the next day. On their wedding day, the Queen casts Giselle into the harsh reality of New York City.

Giselle and Nathaniel Enchanted 2007 movie

Desperate to find her Prince Edward, Giselle meets an engaged divorce-lawyer who offers to help her get “home”. While he initially thinks Giselle is crazy for acting like the world is a fairy tale, they become good friends. Prince Edward arrives in New York in search of his bride, but is oblivious to the fact that his servant Nathaniel has been instructed by the Queen to make sure Giselle never returns to the kingdom.

Enchanted 2007 movie

I ended up really liking Enchanted. It’s almost like a parody of the classic princess stories, and I loved that world meeting New York City’s cynical reality. Amy Adams is marvelous as Giselle, and I thought James Marsden (Edward) and Timothy Spall (Nathaniel) also played excellent roles. I can see why Enchanted had achieved such critical acclaim back in 2007.

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