Things I Like: Pokemon: The First Movie

Pokemon: The First Movie poster

Granted the last time I saw it was in 1999 when the movie came out. It was a fun night since all the fans crowded the theater, and we all got a special pokemon card just for watching the movie.

Ash and Pikachu Pokemon: The First Movie

While it still has a very kid-friendly story, the movie was a bit darker than the anime.

Mewtwo suit Pokemon: The First Movie

Like making Mewtwo pretty menacing. The big gimmick of the movie was Mew vs Mewtwo. Also worth noting is that Mew was not originally made available in the U.S. versions of the game instead you either had to use a Gameshark or wait for a store-Pokemon event where they were giving them out.

Mew vs Mewtwo Pokemon: The First Movie

But it turns out that it was tie. I hate when versus movies do that.

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