Things I Like: Leith (Reign)

Leith Reign CW

I originally didn’t expect him to rise as a notable character. At first he is just a young man working the kitchen for the French royal family and their guests.

Leith and Greer Reign CW

He tries to win Greer’s hand but she wants someone more elevated. So he ends up often in the way of her own goals of marriage. Though she does have feelings for him. By saving Francis’ life in battle, he becomes a minor lord, but the marriage with Greer never works out.

Smoking hot redhead Reign CW

Neither did the (ironically matched) possible engagement with Lord Castleroy’s daughter Yvette. She was killed off very quickly.

Leith and Princess Claude Reign CW

Leith ends up working for Princess Claude. While both of them eventually became friends, it evolved into a love story. Though both of them tried to figure out how to get them both married to each other.

Leith heartbroken Reign CW

When Queen Catherine accepts the idea, he ends being mysteriously missing through the actions of bad people. When he shows up alive, Claude is married and it just doesn’t work out. I thought Leith deserved better. They should have just put him together with Greer like the show was suggesting for the first two seasons.

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