Things I Like: Mary, Queen of Scots (Reign)

Mary Queen of Scots Reign CW

Obviously it’s hard to hate on the main character of a series you’ve finished and enjoyed. We first see Mary as a “guest” of a convent. She stayed there to avoid assassination by English Tudor partisans who did not want her to one day sit on the throne of England.

Mary Queen of Scots arrives in Paris Reign CW

But she is called to the royal palace of France to wed the crown prince Francis. And she reunites with her friends from Scotland.

Mary and the Portuguese Reign CW

But in the show, Mary and Francis have their squabbles as fiance and fiancee. So much so that she tries to get out of the marriage when King Henry II refuses to help the Scots when English power is too strong in her country.

Mary wearing tiara Reign CW

But she eventually does marry Francis, but it’s not much of a “happy” marriage for awhile.

Mary becomes queen of France Reign CW

She finds that being Queen of France was tougher than it looked.

Mary dealing with the black plague pandemic Reign CW

Especially with a “friend” of a mother-in-law like Catherine de Medici. The Queen-Mother was almost always against Mary for the longest time.

Mary crying Reign CW

And Mary’s marriage crumbles to almost nothing after Francis messes up with the politics of France and Mary is personally attacked by radicals.

Mary and Louis Conde Reign CW

So she eventually and secretly falls in love with Louis, Prince of Conde. But she eventually rebonds with Francis and betrays Louis.

Mary and Bash Reign CW

I liked her relationship with Francis’ bastard brother Bash. While the two almost became man and wife, they become friends for most of the series.

Mary mourning the death of Francis Reign CW

But Mary soon has to leave France after the death of King Francis, who was murdered by Scottish Protestants.

Mary with Gideon Blackburn Reign CW

She stays in France for awhile, having a new romance with Gideon Blackburn.

Mary leading troops with sword Reign CW

But the call to return to Scotland forces Mary to leave her de facto home in France and she goes to a country that is “hers” but she really doesn’t belong to it on a personal level as her subjects see her more “French” than Scottish.

Mary lands shipwrecked in Scotland Reign CW

Her return to Scotland starts off horrible and goes through many bumps. She eventually loses her crown soon after she has her son James.

Mary praying her son James will save her Reign CW

She becomes a prisoner of Queen Elizabeth after Scottish lords want nothing left to do with her after the murder of Lord Darnley. The show doesn’t really mention that she conspires to assassinate Elizabeth but she is set to meet the executioner as a result.

Mary learns she will be executed Reign CW

And her son refuses to save her after being promised to be the true heir to England.

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