My No More Heroes III (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Slyvia and clean up crew No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle are two of my favorite games on the Nintendo Wii. It’s been a long time for a sequel.

Fu and Damien No More Heroes III

The story starts out having nothing to do with Travis Touchdown. Instead we see a young boy make a friendship with an alien Named Fu. The alien says goodbye and plans to come back 20 years later.

Fu and his nine alien friends No More Heroes III

And he brings all of his alien buddies, who are all lethal killing machines. And Fu is the worst one of them all.

Travis Touchdown Shinobu Bad Girl No More Heroes III

I didn’t play that spinoff game they made not that long ago, but it seems Travis Touchdown didn’t exactly do much after retirement. How Bad Girl is actually still alive and on his side, I have no idea.

Using beam katana on alien No More Heroes III

The game plays mostly like you remember. I’m playing on a Pro Controller and it definitely feels different not having the Wiimote and nunchuck.

First boss battle No More Heroes III

A lot of these new alien bosses look pretty awful design, which is a bummer. Though I’ve been having fun mostly so far. A lot of its creativity and mature humor are still intact. Hopefully it will be a good successor to the first two games.

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