Things I Hate: Jenos (Paladins)

Jenos Paladins

This monk turned demi-god seems like he would be an amazing champion in the game, but I usually hate having to play as him.

Jenos Paladins video game

He has some kind of celestial rifle that shoots blue magic energy. Not really powerful or useful. Won’t help you much in close fights or at long range either.

Magic hold Jenos Paladins

One of his attacks to hold up an enemy player in the air and drain their life for a few seconds. Rarely does this end up with a kill. You can’t really do anything while using the move, so their teammates usually slaughter you while the other person will probably heal and recover and all the effort becomes moot.

Jenos supermove Paladins

Jenos’ super-move is a large blast of blue energy waves. Doesn’t last for long but will usually slaughter anyone in your way. Just hope that your aim is good because it won’t do the work for you. He can also heal other players, one of his rare useful talents. I never really found anyone that was that good with him either on the enemy team.

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