Things I Hate: Ruckus (Paladins)

Ruckus Paladins

A popular champion in Paladins, I just never was very good with him. Though I do think he’s rather lame in character design. Like Yoda stole a small Transformer.

Ruckus Paladins Video game

His advantage is power and shielding plus a decent above-average health gauge. Not many people can surprise you with a kill out of the blue.

Ruckus vs Skye Paladins

But once you become known, you’re a literal sitting duck with firepower. Ruckus is only handy if your teammates don’t leave you behind. Because you have very little agility. I did like this as an enemy of a Ruckus player. I’d usually have the upper hand.

Super move Ruckus Paladins

I did like his super move which has all the turrets plus hidden ones go on full blast. Anyone in your view is pretty much toast.

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