Things I Like: Full House

Full House original cast

Despite some hate from others about this show, I loved it. It was a part of my childhood.

Bob Saget Full House

Danny Tanner was the nicest dad ever. Like really nice, his excuses for punishments were pathetic. This character led Bob Saget later in life to become the rudest comedian in history.

John Stamos Full House

Uncle Jesse was pretty cool.

Aunt Becky full house

Who didn’t love Aunt Becky?

Joey Gladstone on Full House

Joey Gladstone was a goofball, but I liked him.

Candace Cameron DJ Full House

DJ was pretty much worthless near the end.

Stephanie Tanner Full House

Stephanie was like the Jan Brady of Full House. Always stuck between the two sisters in culture. She was annoying yet entertaining.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Full House

Michelle was cute as a baby, annoying as a toddler, but okay as a kid. It depending on the moment.

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