Things I Like: Office Space (1999 Film) Review

Office Space 1999 movie poster

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this film, but never really sat down and watched until much later.

Peter Gibbons Office Space 1999 movie

The movie is about Peter Gibbons, a young office worker who hates his job very much.

Bill lumbergh Office Space 1999 movie

With creepy and annoying bosses like Bill Lumbergh I don’t blame him.

Office Space 1999 movie

So the movie shows his fate in the real world of work.

Michael Bolton Office Space 1999 movie

Most of the characters in the movie are fantastic like Micheal Bolton. He’s a nerdy geek, but he can’t stand having the same name as the famous singer.

Milton red Swingline stapler Office Space 1999 movie

Then you have Milton Waddams, a creepy middle-aged man who hates his desk moved or his red Swingline stapler being taken away.

Jennifer Aniston Office Space 1999 movie

Oh and Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance as a waitress that the main character falls in love with. Is that all she plays?

Smashing computer Office Space 1999 movie

It is such an awesome movie though, very memorable lines and lots of laughs.

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