Fun Fact: King Henry III Vs His Powerful Brother in Law

Fun facts the house of plantagenet

Simon de Montfort was a French nobleman who initially befriended King Henry III in an attempt to reclaim titles and lands taken away from him by Henry’s father King John. Simon even married Henry’s sister Eleanor and Henry even gave his blessing when all was said and done. However after many feuds with the king, Simon eventually led rebellions against him and calling up what would be England’s first real Parliament. For a time, Simon actually held the real power in England instead of Henry III. However Henry’s son Edward (the future Edward I) eventually led Henry III’s forces to free his father and they were successful at the Battle of Evesham. Simon died on the battlefield, but ironically his future descendants became Kings of England as he was an ancestor to Elizabeth Woodville, who married and had heirs with King Edward IV.

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