Things I Like: Klonoa (Nintendo Wii)

Klonoa Nintendo wii boxart

I heard some good things about it, but even though it was a remake I don’t really remember the PS1 game at all.

Klonoa door to phantomile PS1 boxart

I heard it was pretty good back in the day, I guess none of my friends owned a copy.

Klonoa wii vs PS1

The differences are pretty much only graphical changes. Pretty faithful remake, even though it doesn’t add too many things to the experience.

Klonoa Nintendo wii remake

As for the game itself, it’s a cute and charming platformer. Lots of action and plenty of jumps and near misses. Plus some secrets to be uncovered and found as well.

Klonoa Nintendo wii

I had a really good time with Klonoa even though it’s a bit too easy and very short. Anybody who enjoys Mario and Sonic should give this one a try.

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