Things I Like: The Jetsons (TV Series)

The Jetsons season 1 box

Though not as good as The Flintstones, I loved the futuristic cartoon family The Jetsons. One of my favorite cartoons to watch as a kid. I also had no idea that the first season was from the 1960s, but took until the 1980s for the next two seasons to come along. Talk about a long wait for those around at the time.

George Jetson

George Jetson had a lot in common with Fred Flintstone. Typical family patriarch who hates his job. Instead of a foot-powered vehicle, he has a flying car. I’d imagine Fred would be a little jealous, he never even got shoes.

Jane Jetson

I’m a little indifferent towards his wife Jane Jetson. She had her moments, but she was no Wilma Flintstone.

Judy Jetson

Instead of an infant, the Jetson children were older and had their own stories. Judy was a bit forgettable though.

Elroy Jetson

Elroy was much cooler, and I forgot how good he was with science and technology. I more remember him with his dog Astro.

Astro dog the Jetsons

Speaking of Astro, he was pretty cool. Not as cool as Dino the dinosaur, but cool.

Rosie the robot the Jetsons

Rosie the Robot was one of the best characters. Snarky and more human than most characters on TV.

Mr. Spacely the Jetsons

Then we have George’s bitter boss Mr. Spacely. Often firing George for little things and reversing his choice at the end of the episode.

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