Things I Hate: Vanishing Point (No More Heroes III)

Vanishing Point No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

This alien is supposed to be the 7th ranked assassin in the game. When I first saw him, I thought he looked rather lame.

Vanishing Point talking with Fu by campfire No More Heroes III

I did like that he was able to talk to Fu with such brutal honesty. Most who do, are killed for much less.

Vanishing Point sneaks behind Kimmy Love No More Heroes III

Before our boss battle begins, he appears to sneak up behind a pop singer during her concert. After he takes out her backup dancers, he goes for the kill.

Vanishing Point killed by Kimmy Love No More Heroes III

And he’s killed by a surprise beam katana. I was glad this boss battle had a far better opponent. But have we seen this woman before? Oh yes we have.

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