Dracula Untold (2014 Film) Review

Dracula Untold movie poster

While there have been many famous vampire stories, there’s no vampire more famous than Count Dracula. While Irish author Bram Stoker created the character, he has taken many forms over the years. This movie mixes a little bit of history with a lot of legend.

Vlad the impaler Dracula Untold movie

The story begins with the person that inspired the original concept of Dracula, Vlad III who was the Prince of Wallachia. In the story he’s a well-known warrior, but the Ottoman Empire has marched in his lands. They want the sons of the country for their army, which also includes Vlad’s son Ingeras. He defies the Turkish invaders, but with no army, he must take drastic measures.

Vampire cave Dracula Untold movie

He returns to a cave where he barely survived an attack by a vicious vampire. The vampire is intelligent, and is quite curious of why a human would be foolish enough to come back. He wants the amazing strength of a vampire, and he gets it. But it may take away his humanity, but it is the only way to save his son, and his lands.

Dracula Untold movie

I honestly thought Dracula Untold was somewhat boring. The vampire powers are mildly cool, but the story has its problems. I think the problem is them trying to combine history with fiction. Like for example, the villain of the movie was a famous sultan and his demise was never unclear in the history books, but it’s totally different in the movie. It has some good ideas, and some bad ideas which makes it rather average.

Score: C

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