Ninja Kid (NES) Review

Ninja Kid NES Boxart

I’ve never heard of Ninja Kid as a little boy. I guess the horrendous boxart kept most people away. His sword isn’t even on his back and it’s tall as his head. I could draw better than that when I went to kindergarten. Okay enough criticism about the boxart, the game itself couldn’t be as bad right? Right….?

Ninja Kid NES Bandai

Apparently production values were very low-budget on every aspect of the game. Even the character moving on the overworld to reach a stage seems like half-hearted work when he doesn’t even face a different way when changing direction.

Ninja Kid Nintendo entertainment system Bandai

The stages itself aren’t too bad. You run around and jump okay. You also have a decent attack system. The only thing is that once you get hit, you’re dead. Lose your short amount of lives and guess what? Back to the beginning for you, sucker. How long can you last before attacked? Maybe 30 seconds. If someone can beat this, then they are the most hardcore gamer in history. I on the other hand can’t tolerate this garbage.

Score: 2 out of 10

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