Video Game History: Earthbound 64 (Mother 3 Beta)

Earthbound 64 Mother 3 beta

Earthbound was a fan-favorite hit from the SNES. So fans were hoping for a sequel on Nintendo’s next system, the N64.

Earthbound 64 Mother 3 beta N64

Fans were teased with an early view of Earthbound 64. It apparently had very good graphics back in the day and looked pretty promising.

Earthbound 64 Mother 3 beta Nintendo 64

Granted I guess it was somewhat okay they let the game go since the graphics look like junk now.

Mother 3 N64 vs GBA

Earthbound did a get a Japan-only sequel called Mother 3 for GBA a few years ago. It’s funny that they kept a lot stuff from the original concept of the game despite the long stretch of time and vastly different platforms.

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