Video Game History: Hey You, Pikachu! (N64)

Hey You Pikachu N64 boxart pokemon Nintendo

Hey You, Pikachu! was a video game released by Nintendo after the popularity of Pokemon jetted off in Japan and America. Somehow Europe never got the game.

Microphone Hey You Pikachu N64

The game came pre-packed with the N64 Voice Recognition Unit simply known as the VRU. Basically it was a clunky piece of hardware that acted as a basic microphone.

Nintendo 64 with Hey You Pikachu microphone N64

It sure made your N64 more tangled up with wires you didn’t need.

Hey You Pikachu N64

The game itself was a very basic Pokemon game meets The Sims. Your whole quest was to raise and interact with your Pikachu.

Hey You Pikachu Nintendo 64 Pokémon

I never played the game, but I can imagine having a lot trouble getting Pikachu to understand me.

Pokemon Pikachu N64

The game also came in a super-special edition with it’s own Pikachu/Pokemon themed N64. I remember stores trying to give these away. Mainly because by 2001 everyone wanted anything but an N64.

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