Things I Hate: One Day (2011 Film)

One Day 2011 movie poster

I watched this many years ago, and while it isn’t a bad movie, just wasn’t a great story looking back. That ending… Ugh.

Anne Hathaway Jim Sturgess One Day 2011 movie

The film is set within a 2 decade timeline starting with 1988. Two young kids graduate from high school and feel their first feelings of attraction towards one another. However while “dating” so to speak, they just drop their relationship to a close friendship.

Anne Hathaway wearing Chinese dress One Day 2011 movie

The film then progresses into the future year by year. They also do a great job at aging the characters too. They have some flash back scenes near the end, and you can definitely tell the difference. But it’s a long complicated story about the two eventual lovers and their path towards true adulthood.

One Day 2011 movie Jim Sturgess Anne Hathaway

One thing I do want to complain about is Anne Hathaway being in an movie set in England. Her character is English, and half of the time I don’t buy her accent. British actors can pull off an American accent most of the time, however the reversal is almost non-existent. At least in my opinion.

One Day 2011 movie Anne Hathaway Jim Sturgess

But for those who don’t mind nick-picky stuff like that, you’ll find a decent love story. It’s strange, but it does have a lot of class. But depending on your tastes, you might end up with mixed emotions about the film. It does many things so well that all the pieces of the creative puzzle should fit perfectly. However when it’s nearly completed it seems that a piece or two went missing, and it leaves you a tad bitter.

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