Video Game History: Eternal Darkness (N64 Beta)

Alex with shotgun Eternal darkness Nintendo Gamecube

While the Gamecube original might of been an overlooked but fan-favorite hit, it didn’t start out on the Gamecube exactly. The game has its roots back to the N64, and they actually got a whole lot of work done.

Alex Eternal darkness N64 beta

As you can see, there’s Alex Roivas and the big mansion at the start of the game. The early screens and video showed off what most of the final game included; multiple characters, insanity effects, and a crazy story.

Pious Augustus Eternal Darkness N64 beta

The graphics were also pretty good for the N64. I wonder what would of happened if Eternal Darkness stayed on it’s home platform? Hopefully it would have sold better than the Gamecube release.

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