Things I Like: Chuck (TV Series) Season 5

Chuck season 5 poster NBC Warner Bros television

My wife introduced me to the Chuck TV series not long ago and we finally finished the whole series. While I enjoyed the final season, it was by far the worst.

Chuck and Sarah Carmichael Industries Chuck season 5

Chuck and Sarah becoming the new owners of the Buy More and starting their own freelance spy agency sounded pretty cool on paper but it’s actually a little dull.

Morgan Grimes as the new Intersect Chuck season 5

Morgan Grimes becoming the intersect also was a pretty dumb idea. Really spits on the whole idea of the series with Chuck being special enough to handle the intersect. Morgan was never qualified.

Special agent Decker Chuck season 5

I will say the best villain of season 5 was definitely Clyde Decker. The special CIA agent didn’t last as long as I thought, but I absolutely despised his guts.

Jeff and Lester save General Diane Beckman Chuck season 5

I thought it was pretty neat that Jeff and Lester finally figured out Chuck was actually a spy and the Buy More was actually a cover.

Chuck and Sarah house shopping Chuck season 5

It was kind of nice to see Chuck and Sarah settling down for a normal life.

Nicholas Quinn Taunts general Beckman Chuck season 5

Until Nicolas Quinn comes into the story. He’s a former CIA agent who was the original choice for the first intersect. Bitter about how Chuck got it, he tries to get his own and manages to wipe the memories of Sarah Walker. Everything about this character was pretty much awful, even his demise wasn’t satisfying.

Sarah and Chuck on the beach Chuck season 5 final episode

And the final season ends with about half the episodes of a normal season. It has a broken Sarah on the beach and Chuck trying to restore what they had before her memories went away. Definitely one of the worst endings to any television show I’ve ever watched. They should have made a movie to tie up the story instead of this mess.

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