Video Game History: Sonic Jam (Sega Saturn)

Sonic Jam Sega Saturn boxart

Sonic Jam was a Sega Saturn game which was basically one of Sonic’s few performances on the platform. Except there was also a catch.

Sonic and Tails 3D levels Sonic Jam Sega Saturn

While it features a short 3D level similar to Sonic Adventure, it’s less than meets the eye.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Sonic Jam Sega Saturn version

It was basically a re-release of the main Sega Genesis games. Which was a decent deal at the time, and remember this came long before Sonic Mega Collection as well.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic Jam Tiger handheld

Sega even made a version for Tiger’s short-lived handheld. The idea was basically the same.

Sonic Jam Tiger handheld Sega

It obviously didn’t have a 3D level of course, but it did look a lot like Sonic on Genesis.

Sega Sonic Jam Tiger handheld

Except it wasn’t all the games in one cartridge, they were merely a collection of levels in a remixed package. Which kind of bites.

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