Video Game History: Chibi-Robo! (Gamecube)

Chibi-Robo! Nintendo Gamecube boxart

During the Nintendo Gamecube’s final year (sorta) in 2006 was not a good time to be a fan. But oddly enough it was the time for some of the most unique games to be released. One of the most notable was Chibi-Robo!, a platform-adventure game about a tiny housekeeping robot.

Cleaning paw prints off kitchen floor Chibi-Robo! Nintendo Gamecube

Seriously, you really do house-chores. And Mr. Chibi-Robo really is tiny. You have to recharge his batteries by doing various tasks. Critics generally liked the game, but some cited the tasks as being boring.

Chibi-Robo! Nintendo Gamecube

Which kinda made me pass at the chance to play the game. I guess I was too concerned with my new Xbox and the upcoming Wii at the time, but I should of gave it a chance. Perhaps one day.

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