Things I Like: Uncoupled (TV Series) Season 1

Uncoupled Netflix poster season 1 Neil Patrick Harris

Uncoupled ended up being a show my wife recommended we watch on Netflix. It came out fairly recently and I had no idea it was coming out until my wife brought it up. I did think the concept was interesting, Neil Patrick Harris finally playing a gay character.

Neil Patrick Harris Tisha Campbell Uncoupled Netflix season 1

Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael Lawson, a gay man living in Manhattan. His life isn’t too terribly different than a faithful heterosexual husband with a wife. Michael is faithfully and loyally in love with his boyfriend Colin and has been for about two decades.

Tuc Watkins as Colin Uncoupled Netflix season 1

His world comes crashing down when he ignores the obvious signs that Colin is unhappy. Colin abruptly leaves him without much of an explanation.

Neil Patrick Harris Uncoupled Netflix season 1

And that absolutely destroys him. He can find almost no joy in life especially as getting back together with Colin is more and more impractical as days go on. Michael will have to deal with dating again in a world he doesn’t quite know quite well.

Marcia Gay Harden Uncoupled Netflix season 1

He will have a lot of trouble in his work life too as he has a wealthy client selling an apartment with a big fat commission. It’s a shame she’s a complete and utterly pain in the butt to work with.

Brooks Ashmanskas Neil Patrick Harris Uncoupled Netflix season 1

I will say he has two friends on totally opposite spectrums. His friend Stanley is actually a pretty good guy and a very legitimate friend.

Neil Patrick Harris Emerson Brooks Uncoupled Netflix season 1

His friend Billy, while not a terrible friend, he’s kind of a waste of space as a person. And he will always put himself above anyone.

Uncoupled Netflix season 1 Brooks Ashmanskas Neil Patrick Harris

Overall I liked but didn’t quite love the show. It is rather new to me to watch a show with male-male romance as the key theme. I will say that Michael Lawson definitely wasn’t doing what he was supposed to with Colin and was definitely oblivious for why he left. All things said, if there’s a season 2, we will most likely watch it.

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  1. Yes, I’ve heard this series is good and it’s on my “to watch” list.


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