Things I Like: Top Gun (1986 Film)

Top Gun 1986 movie poster Tom Cruise

I remember growing up and hearing about Top Gun. I’m pretty sure I heard it from my brother Brandon, but for some reason I never watched it with him. I do remember a Top Gun roller coaster at Paramount Carowinds as a kid, but I was definitely too chicken to ride that thing. My wife was a fan of the movie and she suggested we watch it the other day.

American fighter plane Top Gun 1986 movie

The movie is set during the heart of the 1980s. America is not at war, but since these are the last days of the Cold War, they are definitely prepared for one no matter how big or small the opponent is. We see a small group of Navy pilots in the movie.

Maverick wearing helmet and mask Top Gun 1986 movie Tom Cruise

With the main focus being on LT Pete Mitchell, better known by his pilot nickname Maverick. He gets personally invited to join Top Gun, a special school for Navy Pilots where only the top 1% even get invited.

Charlie Blackwood Top Gun 1986 movie

It’s getting close to being 40 years since the movie came out. I remember seeing some website somewhere showing pictures of the woman above who plays Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood. Tom Cruise for all his faults, has aged far better than most people can even brag about. While I don’t think Kelly McGillis was the heartthrob beauty that some probably thought she was in the 1980s, she looks like a complete absolute poop today. While I’m not 100% certain, I’m pretty sure she didn’t get invited to the sequel movie that just came out.

Val Kilmer as Iceman Top Gun 1986 movie

I do remember hearing about Iceman for a very long time, and I always assumed he was the main villain of the movie. But he’s more of a frenemy, as both him and Maverick are loyal members of the United States military.

Dogfight Top Gun 1986 movie

I will say the airplane combat scenes, whether simulation or dog fighting for real against legitimate enemies of the United States, held up pretty darn well. I can see why a lot of people wanted to join the Navy because of this movie. Because it makes being a pilot look pretty darn cool. I’m sure many hit the reality that they were never going to be pilots in the Navy and joined up for something they never got to do, lol.

Tom Cruise as Maverick Top Gun 1986 movie

Did I think Top Gun was the one the most amazing movies ever? Absolutely not, but it’s a very good movie. Since the majority of the story takes place during training, it’s hard to feel like the film has any real antagonist. All things said, I’ll definitely be checking out Top Gun: Maverick when I have the opportunity to watch it.

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  1. Musings says:

    I have a friend who saw it and thought it was awesome. I haven’t seen it so I don’t know. I don’t know how Tom Cruise can look like he does does right now.


  2. I’ve not seen Maverick but some friends have and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

    All the best Jan


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