Things I Like: Generation Gap (ABC Game Show)

Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa poster

I’m actually quite fond of game shows, but like new Christmas movies, I am suspicious when a new one comes out. I saw many previews on Hulu (which I watched it on) and it looked pretty good. It’s a decent game show but far from one of my favorites.

Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is the host and she does a decent job. It does seem like she should have more fun with the show though.

Contestants Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

The concept of the show is pretty unique, a pair of grandchildren and their grandparents team up against trivia questions to test their knowledge about the other generation.

Grandson and grandmother Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

I’m not a kid nor a grandfather, I fall in the middle on the generational scale. And boy are some of the seniors dumb. I can understand why the kids are missing questions but the grandparents often miss questions from their own generation.

Joe Ripa sings Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

One of the most charming things about the show is her dad Joe Ripa singing a popular song but in his not so angelic voice.

Ryan Seacrest as surprise mystery guest Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

Every episode is supposed to have a secret celebrity guest. Ryan Seacrest being the first one was kind of a given since they both host that same morning show. But the pool for talent dwindles down pretty thin. I stopped caring after another Tik Tok/YouTube star got on there. Secret celebrity guest means an actual celebrity. If someone somehow got a billion YouTube views for making macaroni in a bathtub, I still don’t think that qualifies them to be a secret celebrity guest.

Toddler picks prize Generation Gap ABC Game Show Kelly Ripa

And at the end of the show they give a toddler in the family one chance to either pick a nice new car or some toy that will most always be picked in favor. While the child looks so happy, I know there’s a lot of resentment from somebody in that family, LOL.

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