Things I Like: Claim to Fame (TV Series) Season 1

Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu poster

I don’t watch a lot of reality TV but I got sucked into Claim to Fame. And I think it was my free time after the birth of my son when I was on paternity leave. The concept is rather neat, all contestants are related in some way to a very famous person, and they have to keep it secret for as long as possible

Hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu

And the genius idea is to have Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas host the show. As they are the least successful Jonas Brothers and Frankie was never part of the musical group as he’s much younger.

LC Keke Palmer's sister Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu Loreal Palmer

All the contestants live in the same house and do not have any means to look up information they don’t already know. Some contestants are pretty smart, while others are rather dumb.

Cindy Crawford's niece Lark Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu

They do reveal clues about everybody’s celebrity relative, whether the contestants like it or not. Some people are rather obvious, but there were two contestants with celebrity relatives I wasn’t really that familiar with, and I definitely could never guess them without looking at the clues myself with the internet.

Pepper Martin and Maxwell Norris Guess off Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu

At the end of each episode, the person voted or forced by contest to be the guesser, picks one person without immunity and guesses their celebrity relative. While some celebrity guesses are filled with doubts, most of the contestants figure out at least somebody fairly accurately. So these guess offs quickly turn into a power struggle over who becomes the guesser as they have the most power eventually. I also didn’t like how they would reveal the celebrity connections before the guess offs too. Part of the fun of the show is pretending you’re a contestant too.

Jason Aldean's cousin Logan Crosby Claim to Fame Season 1 ABC Hulu

Season 1 is now officially over and I really hope there’s a season 2. It’s far from the greatest reality show in history but it was one of my favorite things to watch when I got home on Tuesday.

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