My Fall Guys (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Pink costume default Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

I had downloaded Fall Guys awhile ago as it was one of the free games that you can get on the Nintendo switch. It took me only a moment to realize that this game also came from the same guys behind Fortnite as the menu system is exactly the same.

First obstacle course Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

I didn’t quite know what the game was about when I downloaded it. Like Fortnite, you start the game in a big party. Instead of being parachuted on a Hunger Games-style Island, you’re in an obstacle course. Kind of like a wacky American Ninja Warrior.

Rotating fan blades Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

So at first, you are trying to get to the finish line before anybody else. Luckily you don’t have to stress out too much about being number one. As I was far from it.

Qualification board Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

After a round is over, players get eliminated. But the first three rounds are for players who either went to the bathroom or are absolutely horrible.

Final round Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

Once you get closer to the finale it becomes a game of getting knocked off at platform rather than going through an obstacle course.

Winner with gold crown Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

And I could not believe that I had won my very first game. People who play Fortnite can be brutal and savage, especially when you get in the top 10. I wasn’t even trying that hard and I won the crown on my very first game.

Assassin's Creed costume Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

So far I’ve been enjoying Fall Guys but I can’t say how much fun I will have with it in a month or two. I can see it kind of losing its appeal somewhat like how Fortnite does. But I will be honest, getting number one of my first try does make me like the game a lot more.

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