(Not So) Fun Fact: When Firing Pregnant Women Wasn’t Illegal

Fun facts about pregnancy

Before 1978 in the United States of America, it was legal for an employer to fire a woman for being pregnant.

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  1. DrumMajor Linda in Kansas says:

    Yep, I remember when the law changed. Before that change, a woman wasn’t guaranteed her job back after maternity leave either, nor even a similar job or one with the same previous pay. I was on permanent staff for a major Midwestern theme park, in public relations, and other secretaries were scared that they wouldn’t have employment after having their babies. Hiring questions were changed too. It’s a little better now. Linda in Kansas


  2. Ananka says:

    Did not know that!!


  3. Theresa says:

    Sadly, I think women are still paid less than men because they may need time off if they want to start or expand their families. While we may still be able to legally keep our jobs, equality won’t exist in the workforce until the pay gap closes.


  4. I’m old enough to remember that too. The law in Canada was the same.


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