Things I Like: King Ralph (1991 Film)

King Ralph 1991 movie poster John Goodman

I saw this movie on cable a long time ago and I did like it. I was a bit surprised that not only critics didn’t like this movie, but regular folks weren’t exactly thrilled with it either.

British royal family tragedy King Ralph 1991 movie

The concept of the movie is that the British royal family and all the heirs plus more, are all taken out in a bad photography accident involving electrocution.

Peter OToole King Ralph 1991 movie

So this very fancy British guy has to find the heir to the throne.

Uncle Vernon Harry Potter actor in King Ralph 1991 movie

I didn’t notice until now, but that’s Harry Potter’s Uncle Vernon working for the Royal Family.

John Goodman King Ralph 1991 movie

Anyway the heir to the throne is this obnoxious American named Ralph who is played by John Goodman.

King Ralph 1991 movie John Goodman

While it isn’t the greatest movie in the world, I will admit, I did enjoy it more than most people did. I mean the concept is brilliant, at least to an American. I imagine our British friends across the ocean probably thought this movie was one of the worst ideas anybody has ever come up with.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I thought it was fun when I watched it many, many moons ago.


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