Things I Like: Raj Koothrappali (Big Bang Theory)

Raj Koothrappali Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

Out of the male main characters, Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali was my least favorite of the bunch. Most of his sins actually happened later in the series.

Raj Koothrappali dressed as Thor Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

At the start of the show, he’s your stereotypical nerd. My wife definitely thought he was bi, but this never really was confirmed on the show. I’m a little glad they didn’t address it, because they could have easily written him to be secretly gay and that’s not good for the bi community in representation.

Raj Koothrappali being mute around women Missy Cooper Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

For the first few seasons, his gimmick was being so awfully shy that he couldn’t talk to girls at all.

Raj Koothrappali drinking green mixer Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

Unless he was quite drunk, which happened more times than not.

Raj Koothrappali wearing black and red suit Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

But once he gets past this mental handicap, he becomes a pretty big douchebag when it comes to women. Raj and Leonard definitely competed on who could be the worst boyfriend in history.

Raj Koothrappali breaks up with his fiancee Big Bang Theory Kunal Nayyar

Like Joey on Friends, Raj is the sole remaining member of the group to remain single at the end of the series. They push a storyline where he almost gets into an arranged marriage but that falls apart. He’s a likable guy but they definitely gave him a horrible spin when it came to the script.

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  1. Ananka says:

    I think he is quite funny 😀


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