Things I Like: Mary Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

Mary Cooper Big Bang Theory Laurie Metcalf

Mary Cooper was a decent character on Big Bang Theory. The mother of Sheldon, she couldn’t be more opposite. A devout Christian who isn’t exactly a genius, is definitely not the mom you’d expect Sheldon to have. I also like how her actress was in Roseanne as Jackie, as Big Bang Theory was a little Roseanne reunion.

Sheldon's mom Mary Cooper Big Bang Theory Laurie Metcalf

She doesn’t show up in the series often. She does come often to California to visit Sheldon.

Amy Farrah Fowler visiting Mary Cooper in Texas Big Bang Theory Laurie Metcalf

I was surprised how often they came to Texas to visit her.

Mary Cooper and Leonard's dad Big Bang Theory Laurie Metcalf

My favorite memory of her was her little romance with Leonard’s father, who was her opposite as well. But they kind of made it work. Another interesting thing is that her daughter in real life plays Mary Cooper in Young Sheldon.


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  1. Musings says:

    And isn’t she on The Conners now? We are friends with Lecy Goranson’s dad. Her mom passed away a few years ago.


  2. Ananka says:

    Yup another from Roseanne! She was alright!


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