Things I Like: Lisa (Castlevania TV Series)

Lisa Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Lisa was a somewhat minor character on the show but pivotal to the events of the plot. Lisa is Alucard’s mother and the wife of Dracula.

Lisa meets Dracula in his castle Castlevania Netflix TV Series

She meets her future husband in a quest for knowledge and science and the odd couple eventually fall in love despite that she could have easily been just another meal.

Death of Lisa by the Christian church Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Stupidly, both her husband Dracula and her son Alucard are not around when the Christian church burned her to death on the false charges of witchcraft. Which sparks Dracula to commit a war of genocide against the human race.

Lisa and Dracula revived from death Castlevania Netflix TV Series

In a bizarre final scene in the series, they’re both revived to the living world, with Dracula free of his hatred and they have plans to live in peace elsewhere in Europe.


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