Things I Like: Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Phoebe Buffay Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

Out of the main female cast of Friends, Phoebe Buffay was my favorite. She didn’t get the spotlight like Rachel or Monica did but she was the “weird one.” And as weird guy myself, I could relate a lot to her.

Phoebe Buffay figures out she mugged Ross as a kid Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

She was also the least privileged of the group. She grows up real fast after her mother commits suicide and spends time being homeless as a kid. All the other characters lived pretty luxurious lives in New York City in their youth, even Joey by comparison.

Phoebe Buffay meets her father for the first time Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

It was rather strange that her father was in a polyamorous relationship with her biological mother and her legal mother before she was born. Frank Buffay was a weird and kind of immoral dude. Two “wives” is one thing but child abandonment is hardly excusable.

Phoebe Buffay in Supergirl costume on Halloween Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

But probably the most evil person from Phoebe’s family is her twin sister Ursula. That girl really did know how to be the evil twin.

Phoebe Buffay giving birth to triplets Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

I did like that she was on better terms with her half brother Frank Jr. after she got to meet him. And then we had one of the strangest surrogacy stories of all time. But it makes sense that they were just coming up with a way to tie the story since Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant with a son in real life.

Phoebe Buffay giving a massage Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

After Rachel Green got that cushy job at Ralph Lauren, Phoebe seemed to be at the bottom of the totem pole when it came to jobs out of the group. At least when it came to income. She definitely liked being a musician and a masseuse more than Chandler liked being whatever the heck he was.

Phoebe Buffay flirting with Joey Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

I had always kind of rooted for her and Joey to get together. Their personalities match so well, though I would worry that Joey would betray her if they got married.

Phoebe Buffay wearing white wedding dress with veil Friends sitcom Lisa Kudrow

But instead she gets married to a guy named Mike near the end of the show. It seemed a little forced, but I did like the plot. And it definitely was left to be ambiguous if they ever had children or not.


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