Things I Like: Maester Luwin (Game of Thrones)

Maester Luwin is a character many forgot, but he was pretty important for House Stark. As a maester, he was the source of medicine and other types of knowledge for those in Winterfell. He delivered (probably) all the Stark children and taught them such as he did Bran who was far too depressed to learnContinue reading “Things I Like: Maester Luwin (Game of Thrones)”

(Not So) Fun Fact: Death of Inês de Castro

Inês de Castro was the lover of the future Peter I of Portugal. When his legal wife died, he married her in secret. King Afonso IV of Portugal didn’t think she was highborn enough to be queen, so he sent three assassins to murder her. When Peter I became king, two assassins were captured andContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: Death of Inês de Castro”