Things I Like: Ocean’s Eleven (2001 Film)

I remember this film making a big splash two decades ago, but never watched it until now. I guess at my age I wasn’t interested, but my mom loved the movie so I just grabbed her DVD of it. I’ve never seen the original 1960 film Ocean’s 11 starring Frank Sinatra so I can’t makeContinue reading “Things I Like: Ocean’s Eleven (2001 Film)”

Green Book (2018 Film) Review

Green Book was a movie that surprised many earlier this year as it not got another Oscar for Mahershala Ali, but it walked away with Best Picture. There was some controversy over the film (including a rather petty whining from Spike Lee, whose film lost) winning for various reasons, but we won’t get into that.Continue reading “Green Book (2018 Film) Review”

Mary Queen of Scots (2018 Film) Review

When I first heard about this new Mary, Queen of Scots movie, I was excited. I really really like Saoirse Ronan as an actress, and I also like the acting for Margot Robbie too. Both of these talented ladies have come close several times at getting an Oscar, but this film seemed like a goodContinue reading “Mary Queen of Scots (2018 Film) Review”

Halloweentown (1998 Film) Review

Halloweentown is a movie I missed when I was 10 years old. I was definitely more of a Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network kid. But I kind of knew about it, because for many Millennials, this is one of their favorite Halloween movies. How has this movie aged in the eyes of someone without any nostalgiaContinue reading “Halloweentown (1998 Film) Review”

A Star Is Born (2018 Film) Review

A Star Is Born made a decent splash at this year’s Oscars, with a nomination in almost everything except Best Director. Though it only took an Oscar home for Best Original Song, which was mainly written by its leading lady, the very talented Lady Gaga. While neither Lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper got an OscarContinue reading “A Star Is Born (2018 Film) Review”