Things I Like: Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Super)

I was surprised to see Master Roshi have such a notable role in Dragon Ball Super. By the start of Dragon Ball Z, his fighting days were over. So it’s honestly a little ludicrous to see Master Roshi fight characters who were much stronger than Raditz. It was even more ridiculous to see him fightContinue reading “Things I Like: Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Super)”

Things I Like: Android 18 (Dragon Ball Super)

Like always, I did like Android 18 in Dragon Ball Super. For most of the series, she doesn’t really fight. We mainly see her be the wife and mother she became near the end of Dragon Ball Z. I did enjoy the awkward moment between her and Future Trunks. She does fight during the tournamentContinue reading “Things I Like: Android 18 (Dragon Ball Super)”