Things I Hate: Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

I didn’t get to play him during his DLC days in Smash 4, but he was on the starting roster for Ultimate. I wasn’t shocked he finally appeared in the series, as he’s easily the most popular character among Final Fantasy fans. I never played Final Fantasy 7, so there’s not a lot of fandomContinue reading “Things I Hate: Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

The Simpsons Arcade Game (Carolina Arcade Museum)

The Simpsons was an arcade game I missed as a child, but I was glad to see it during my time at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, North Carolina. I remember it was in the arcade of a movie theater my grandmother took us to when my brothers and I were young. I’mContinue reading “The Simpsons Arcade Game (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Things I Like: Living Room Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

While far from my favorite stage, I did like the Living Room stage. It was new to me as it was only in the 3DS version of Smash 4. I only had the game on WiiU. It’s based on the Nintendogs games which had a sequel with cat friends as well. They’re mainly just inContinue reading “Things I Like: Living Room Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Find Mii (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Find Mii is based on the final section of the 3DS’ game/app StreetPass Mii Plaza. I never fiddled with that on my 3DS so I never understood the reference until I looked it up. It’s also new to me for Ultimate as it was only in the 3DS version of Smash 4. I had itContinue reading “Things I Like: Find Mii (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Android 18 (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Android 18 was one of the most important characters in the game’s story. While her brother 17 shows up, he’s not a playable character. In the story, Android 21 and the new Android 16 find her and get her to join their cause which has a rather mysterious goal that she doesn’t really know. ButContinue reading “Things I Like: Android 18 (Dragon Ball FighterZ)”