Things I Like: Luigi (Super Mario 64 DS)

 While Luigi didn’t even get a cameo in the original game, in the Nintendo DS remake of Super Mario 64, he is a playable character.  Just like the other games after Nintendo decided to give Luigi more originality, he can jump far higher than Mario. Making him able to do some things the other charactersContinue reading “Things I Like: Luigi (Super Mario 64 DS)”

Things I Like: Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine)

While Yoshi doesn’t always get a big role in every Mario game, I do remember his role here very well.  I forgot Shadow Mario (Bowser Jr.) had captured his egg and you had to rescue the egg to get Yoshi on your team.  After that you can ride Yoshi just like Super Mario World butContinue reading “Things I Like: Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine)”

Things I Like: King Boo (Super Mario Sunshine)

 King Boo is one of the last bosses in Super Mario Sunshine.  Which is a little amusing since he was the final boss of Luigi’s Mansion. So him and Mario have already met once.  This one is on a big roulette-like wheel. You have wait for him to spit out some spicy peppers instead ofContinue reading “Things I Like: King Boo (Super Mario Sunshine)”