Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011 Film) Review

Thor: Tales of Asgard movie poster

For such an old Marvel franchise, Thor has not gotten as much attention as other Marvel classics such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and The Hulk. If it wasn’t for the character’s key role in the foundation of the Avengers team, I doubt any movie would of been made. But I liked the 2011 film Thor and his role in The Avengers film, so I decided to check out this prequel movie.

Young Thor and Loki Thor: Tales of Asgard

The movie set way back in Thor’s life where he is at teenager age. Since Thor is based on the Norse god, I can’t say how fast characters age in the Kingdom of Asgard. So the story starts off with Thor craving for a real adventure after he discovers that no sparring partner will let Thor lose.

Thor: Tales of Asgard

So after having an arguement with his father Odin, Thor sneaks out of the kingdom with his brother Loki on a ship with some Asgardian adventurers. Thor sets out to the frozen (and forbidden) lands of the Frost Giants to find a lost and powerful fire-sword, but his harmless intentions eventually shake the fragile truce between the two lands.

Thor using fire sword om Frost giant Thor: Tales of Asgard

Despite a rather ugly art style, I really enjoyed this prequel tale. I didn’t expect a story involving Thor before obtaining his magic hammer Mjolnir to be interesting, but it’s surprisingly well done. It won’t blow viewers away of course, but it will please Thor and Marvel fans alike. If you haven’t seen the Thor film starring Chris Hemsworth yet, I suggest giving this a watch first since it won’t spoil any plot details but will give you a more detailed look about Thor’s family, land, and enemies.

Things I Like: Ultimate Avengers 2 (2006 Film)

Ultimate Avengers 2 movie poster

Since I’m in a very Marvel mode lately, I’ve been watching a lot of stuff related to The Avengers team. And when I see stuff with the true superhero squad, I just have to give it a try. I liked the first Ultimate Avengers though it wasn’t anything spectacular, so there was no reason not to give Ultimate Avengers 2 a try.

Captain America fighting hydra soldiers Ultimate Avengers 2 movie

The film takes place shortly after it’s predecessor (in real life it was released only months after the original too) with the team coping with the real world and other problems after the defeat of the alien menace that tried to plague the Earth with destruction. Captain America especially has a hard time fitting back into the real world after being frozen in ice for decades.

Iron man and captain America in Wakanda Ultimate Avengers 2 movie

But their personal problems are forgotten when their once-defeated alien goons come back for some more fun. This time the aliens are after a secret kept in the tiny (and fictional) African nation of Wakanda which is home to Marvel’s Black Panther. The Avengers seek to help out Black Panther and his people despite their grudges against outsiders in an effort to defend the nation and save the world.

Thor using stormbreaker in Wakanda Ultimate Avengers 2 movie

I think with the origin stories out of the way, I liked Ultimate Avengers 2 a lot more than the first one. With a more original plot, there was a bunch of points where I couldn’t tell what would happen. With a little unpredictability mixed with lots of action made it a great animated film for any Marvel fan.

Things I Like: Ultimate Avengers (2006 Film)

Ultimate Avengers 2006 movie poster

After being more than satisfied with the recent Avengers-related live-action films has sparked my interest in Marvel Comics. When I noticed Ultimate Avengers, I just had to give it a try. I loved the new 2012 film, so I was more than intrigued to watch another version of Marvel’s superteam.

Captain America world War 2 Ultimate Avengers 2006 movie

While the recent major blockbusters focuses on the more popular Avengers, they do include two Avengers who actually also founded the team in the comics; Wasp and Giant-Man. The origin story is a mixed up a bit though, focusing on Captain America being a founding member instead of his revival being the team’s first major feat. Also Thor’s brother Loki (who’s plot caused the formation of team) is absent, but the film’s villain is actually a race of aliens seeking to destroy the Earth.

Black widow captain America Iron man Ultimate Avengers 2006 movie

So Nick Fury calls up the first formation of The Avengers, with Captain America as their de-facto leader. This group of Avengers, aren’t as amazing as their silver-screen counterparts. I was really disappointed that Iron Man was so weak, and that Thor makes small cameos. Ironically I thought this was one of the best depictions for Captain America, and especially the Hulk as a mindless and unstoppable monster.

Hulk vs captain America Ultimate Avengers 2006 movie

But it’s got decent action, with a fast-flowing plot. It can’t hold a candle to 2012’s big hit, but it’s a worthy movie for Marvel’s animated features. Marvel fans can expect a good time-waster, but it’s not going to blow you away.

Hulk (2003 Film) Review

Hulk 2003 movie poster

2003’s Hulk film isn’t the first major production of Hulk from Marvel Comics, but it was the first major movie for the not-so-jolly green giant. It came during an time where movies like X-Men and Spider-Man made comic book movies not only just good, but a proven formula for excellence…if the film makers don’t slip up. Critics kind of liked this one, but fans hated it for the most part. I had skipped it and ignored it for years, but it was about time I gave it a chance.

Hulk 2003 movie

The film shows Bruce Banner as a young man, but before that as well when he was a little boy. His father, David Banner was a scientist working for the government when Bruce was just a toddler. However General Ross came across his dark research and had him sent away. Bruce was raised by a foster family after his mother’s death and he doesn’t even remember his real family. But he grew up working in his father’s field, almost like it was in his DNA.

Bruce Banner hit with gamma radiation Hulk 2003 movie

While he works with Betty Ross, the two lovebirds will soon be tested. After an accident during an experiment, Bruce is hit with some harsh gamma radiation. This would be enough to kill the average man a million times over, but Bruce walks away without a scratch. It didn’t harm him, it made him stronger.

Hulk Vs us army Hulk 2003 movie

But that strength comes with a heavy burden. Anytime he gets too angry, he becomes the Hulk, a creature of near-invincible strength. But it isn’t really Bruce Banner being the creature, but a deeper being of pure rage. It doesn’t take long for General Ross and the U.S. military to take Hulk seriously, but what should worry Hulk more is someone close to him. Someone he forgot even existed, but this evil man has never forgotten him.

Hot Betty Ross Hulk 2003 movie

Overall 2003’s Hulk should have been a success like most Marvel movies have been. It even had Ang Lee direct it, and he rarely ever flops with his movies. It has a talented cast (and I liked this Betty Ross more than the MCU’s incarnation) and most of them do well here. But I’d say the script is its strongest weakness. It’s not very exciting, and the fighting is rather lame. Combine that with a villain who is underwhelming with a final battle that you could fall to sleep to. While the MCU’s Hulk film in 2008 had its faults, it was the better of the two movies.

Score: C+

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell (2016 Film) Review

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell movie poster

Twenty years ago, superhero movies were hit or miss. But that all changed with Marvel’s Iron Man in 2008 and the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now there have been bad superhero films after 2008, but the majority of them have been excellent whether it’s been from the works of Marvel or DC comics. Smaller made-for-Blu-ray animated movies have come out since then and DC has been better than Marvel here. Though I did really like Planet Hulk and this held some promise. I don’t know everything about Doctor Strange (who is more of the hero of the story) so I figured this would help me there.

Dr strange vs nightmare Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

On Halloween night, a batch of kids end up at Doctor Strange’s house. They cross paths with his monsters and are saved by The Sorcerer Supreme and The Incredible Hulk. The monsters that were on the loose were all human, but were twisted into monsters by spiritual forces. The mastermind is the dream demon Nightmare who Doctor Strange knows very well. Doctor Strange is very concerned that the shifts in the forces of nature have given Nightmare the power to hurt many around him. In the dream realm, Nightmare is extremely powerful.

Hulk buster Bruce Banner vs regular hulk Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

Doctor Strange learns that Hulk is his prime target. Doctor Strange is forced to take Bruce Banner in the dream world. However man separates from monster there and The Hulk is rather angry with puny Bruce Banner. Bruce takes the power of the dream world to create a Hulkbuster suit (Iron Man) to protect himself from the monster within his soul. If he loses, then Nightmare will be nearly unstoppable even against a team like The Avengers. It’s up to Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner, and The Hulk to save New York. and the rest of the world.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Paranormal Containment Unit Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

Overall I thought Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell was a not-so-surprising disappointment. While most superhero movies can be watched by all ages, it seems they couldn’t decide whether this one was for little kids or fans of the comics. I thought Nightmare was stupidly over-powered and not that great of a bad guy. I did learn of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Paranormal Containment Unit and its members for the first time. They are like the undead Avengers and their role is rather moot in the story. None of these animated movies have been as awesome as what’s in the MCU but they have been far better than this one.

Score: C