Things I Like: Marvel VS. Capcom 2

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 ps2 boxart Capcom

I really only bought this game for only one reason, and that was to have all sorts of character match-ups between my favorite Marvel and Capcom characters. Ideas like this are oddly untouched. I guess most companies fight over money.

Character select Marvel VS. Capcom 2

You definitely got a lot of people to choose from here too. Some of these people I had no clue who they were. I was sad to hear that the 3rd game doesn’t have such a plentiful roster.

Mega Man vs iron man Marvel VS. Capcom 2

The game isn’t the greatest, and you can button-mash a bit to victory, but it’s solid and has a lot of replay value.

Things I Like: Marvel Super Heroes (PS1)

Marvel Super Heroes PS1 boxart

While I started late, Marvel Super Heroes is actually the 2nd game featuring Marvel Super Heroes with a Street Fighter-ish game-play scheme.

Captain America throws shield at hulk Marvel Super Heroes PS1

I first played it on an arcade machine at a local restaurant. I was maybe 10 at the time, so it didn’t take me long to run out of quarters.

Iron man vs psyclocke Marvel Super Heroes PS1 Capcom PlayStation

My brother got the PS1 version a bit later, and we played it non-stop. It was that fun.

Things I Hate: Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes sega Dreamcast boxart

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game. However I played this after getting a taste of the 2nd game.

Ryu vs Venom Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Granted the fighting gameplay is solid and about as good as the 2nd game.

Character select screen Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

However I couldn’t stand the lackluster roster. The 2nd game has so many characters, and the first game has about as much as any early fighting game from the 90’s. They added some other characters as mini-helpers but it wasn’t the same.

Sherlock Gnomes (2018 Film) Review

Sherlock Gnomes movie poster

Sherlock Gnomes caught my eye in late 2017 when I saw the trailer for it. I really like the stories of Sherlock Holmes, but even a great set of stories can have bad adaptations. While the trailer didn’t look bad, I did have my doubts. When it was released, not many critics or regular folks liked it. But since I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I had to see it, just to say I did.

Sherlock and Watson Sherlock Gnomes

The film is set with Sherlock Holmes portrayed as a garden gnome. He still has his friend John Watson at his side, but he’s a gnome too. Most of the humans in this world don’t know that gnomes are “living beings” but Sherlock Gnomes is quite famous in the land of gnomes, at least in the London area anyway.

Pie boy Moriarty Sherlock Gnomes

Soon enough Sherlock Gnomes meets his arch-rival Moriarty…again. This time Moriarty is the living being of some kind of pie mascot. He doesn’t seem to be very intelligent, but he is very evil. His life’s goal is to shatter as many gnomes as he can. But in a fatal duel with Sherlock, the infamous Moriarty is defeated and presumed dead.

Sherlock and dr Watson Sherlock Gnomes

But soon after, yards have garden gnomes disappearing without a trace, or even a footprint. Sherlock Gnomes and John Watson soon meet Gnomeo and Juliet, two gnomes who are horrified to find their friends and family missing after they step away from their land for a few moments. Can they all solve this mystery?

Sherlock and irene addler Sherlock Gnomes

Overall Sherlock Gnomes was a little worse than I expected, and I wasn’t expecting much. It’s got an impressive voice cast with stars like Johnny Depp and James McAvoy, but none of their voices can save a mediocre production, a plot without much meaning, atrocious direction, and a big overall sense of BOREDOM. This wouldn’t even be good for a made-for-TV movie, let alone a movie that did sorta well at the box office. I also had no idea that this movie is a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet which I didn’t know existed. Making them semi-minor characters in a sequel shows that nobody knew what they were doing.

Score: D+

Things I Like: Bronn (Game of Thrones)

Bronn game of Thrones HBO

It’s amazing a character like Bronn lasted and survived the whole series. You don’t notice him much at first, until he nominates himself to be Tyrion’s champion in the first trial by combat at the Vale.

Bronn fights in trial by combat game of Thrones HBO

For which he wins. It was a good fight, and showed the difference between an “honorable knight” vs a skilled mercenary.

Bronn and Tyrion wait for Oberyn Martell game of Thrones HBO

For his victory, Bronn became Tyrion’s BFF, up until Tyrion gets arrested for Joffrey’s murder and oh boy that was fun. He wanted to be his champion most likely, until the Mountain was announced to be the Crown’s champion.

Bronn lights up fire arrow battle of blackwater bay game of Thrones HBO

But due to his actions during the battle against Stannis and for “refusing” to aid Tyrion, Bronn is elevated to a knight and set up in a marriage with good titles and lands. Or at least, the promise of them.

Bronn recruited by Jamie Lannister game of Thrones HBO

Until Jaime Lannister comes along and promises him a better castle and wife if he helps him out with a new mission.

Bronn and Jamie at river run game of Thrones HBO

And another mission.

Bronn saves Jamie Lannister from drogon game of Thrones HBO

And another mission, ending in failure. Bronn does seem to be serious about getting his fookin castle.

Bronn holding crossbow game of Thrones HBO

To the point where he promises to kill one or both Lannister brothers if he doesn’t get what he wants. I understand that Jaime really did him wrong. Tyrion was mostly blameless on that one.

Bronn master of Coin game of Thrones HBO

And at the end of the series, he becomes Lord of the Reach, and owner of Highgarden castle. He’s also Warden of the South and Master of Coin. I do find it a bit funny that he wanted to be on the Small Council. What’s the point of having your own castle if you don’t live in it technically?