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Mowing The Grass With Electric Lawnmower

Kobalt electric lawnmower lowes

With spring in its prime, I have been mowing the lawn a lot now. I do like using my battery powered lawn mower. So much better for the Earth.

Things I Like: Lucy Mills (Once Upon a Time)

once upon a time lucy mills

Lucy Mills was my favorite character of the final season. She is Henry Mill’s daughter.

Lucy and Henry Mills

She desperately wants her father to remember the truth of everything after the final curse was cast.

Once upon a time

She does well to try to bring her parents back together, whom both believe they’ve never met before.

Once upon a time

She faces many trials and even gets help from her grandmother Regina Mills to break the curse.

once upon a time

But at the end, she gets Henry to remember and the whole family is reunited.

Things I Like: Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio (Once Upon a Time)

Once upon a time

This Cinderella was much different than the show’s first incarnation of the character. She eventually falls in love with Henry Mills and has a daughter with him named Lucy.

Once upon a time

When the final curse happens she becomes Jacinda Vidrio, a working class single mother who lost custody of Lucy. Only Lucy remembers the truth.

Once upon a time

But thanks to Lucy’s quest to break the curse, their family is eventually brought back together.