Things I Like: D.Va (OverWatch)

D. VA OverWatch blue suit Nintendo switch Xbox One PlayStation 4 PS4

D. Va (pronounced Diva) is my first character in Overwatch. This cute lady pilots a big mech.

OverWatch D. VA tank guns Mac Nintendo switch PS4 Xbox One blizzard

I’m ninety-nine percent confident that Paladins based Ruckus off of D. Va. Because both characters Mech suits feel like walking tanks. But D. Va has more firepower to her than Ruckus it seems.

OverWatch D. VA green missile attack blizzard Xbox One Nintendo switch PS4 PlayStation 4

Long as you have a good team, D. Va will definitely be a character whose fire power will take down a lot of enemy opponents.

OverWatch D. VA handgun Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 Nintendo switch blizzard

Unlike Ruckus, when her mech suit takes damage she will bail and be stuck with a handgun.

OverWatch D. VA Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4 super move

Her super move is leaving her mech suit behind and it causes an explosion. I haven’t had the best luck out of this one. But it does have plenty of firepower.

D. VA OverWatch booster powered push Nintendo switch Xbox One PS4 PlayStation 4

Overall, I really enjoyed playing as D. Va. I can see many others too because I rarely face a team where somebody doesn’t use her.