Fun Fact: The Reason Why You Don’t Immediately Have a Sword in Zelda 1

Fun facts about video games

Early play testers of the first The Legend of Zelda game originally were given the sword from the start. Players complained of the nonlinear gameplay as they found it confusing. So instead of making the game easier, they made such a simple task harder to do.

Things I Like: Mako (Legend of Korra)

Mako The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

Mako is kind of like the Katara equivalent in The Legend of Korra. He’s a fire bender that eventually joins the Avatar on her quest to save the world. He’s a decent character but he just wasn’t the character I think they were hoping for.

Mako Bolin Korra pro bending The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

He originally was a professional athlete among benders. Mako eventually becomes a cop and then a bodyguard. But I thought his original profession was the most interesting.

Mako and Asami Sato The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

It was actually his romantic relations that remained in my memory after a few years of watching the show. His first big romance was with Asami Sato which definitely ticked off Korra because she had a crush on him too.

Mako kissing Korra The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

He eventually breaks up with her and gets into a relationship with Korra. But their relationship just wasn’t meant to be.

Mako and Korra end of series The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

While he still helps her out when he is needed, they just decide to be friends. Korra actually ends up in a relationship with Asami Sato, which is ironic.

Things I Like: Arthur Christmas (2011 Film)

Arthur Christmas 2011 movie poster

I don’t think I even heard of Arthur Christmas when it came out years ago. I’ve been trying to see a few new Christmas movies this year, and Arthur Christmas seemed promising. I heard it did very well with critics, but what did I think?

Family dinner at the north pole Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

The story starts in the modern day as Santa Claus is one of many Santas who had been at the North Pole for generations. Santa became Mr. Claus after his father retired, whose father was also Santa. One year Santa is about to retire, but on his final night there is a mistake. A present got lost and a young girl named Gwen might be disappointed if it’s not there on Christmas morning.

Grandsanta Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

Santa’s holiday spirit has dwindled throughout the years, so the only person who seems to care is his odd son Arthur. His older brother Steve tells him that going back to Gwen’s house wasn’t possible. But Arthur’s grandfather the now retired Grand-Santa takes out his old sleigh and travels with Arthur to save Christmas.

Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

Arthur Christmas’ critical praise was nearly universal, but I didn’t like it that much. It’s cute, but the only times it made me laugh was Grand-Santa’s grim sense of humor. I think it’s a decent Christmas movie, but it certainly doesn’t compare to something like Elf.

Things I Like: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011 Film)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 2011 movie poster

It’s not everyday I watch a film I really didn’t know much about. But a friend had watched it and really liked it, and since I really admire the two main actors in it; I decided to see it. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen sounds like the most random subject for a film, but it is quite good.

Ewan McGregor Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 2011 movie

The film begins with Dr. Alfred Jones getting asked to help a project to move thousands of salmon to a spot in Yemen. A sheikh that lives there is an avid fisherman, and has a glorious vision to have the fish in his country. Dr. Jones thinks the whole idea is absurd, but has to do it anyway since the British government needs something to improve relations with the Middle East.

Ewan McGregor Emily Blunt Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 2011 movie

While he makes his objections to taking salmon to Yemen clear, Dr. Jones does lead the project the best he can. His colleague is Harriet Chetwode-Talbot, who helps him and introduces him to the Sheikh. The two bond well with the Sheikh, but both Alfred and Harriet will find more than could ever expect while bringing fish to Yemen.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 2011 movie Ewan McGregor

Overall I think Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a wonderful film, though not quite Oscar-worthy. I really liked Ewan McGregor’s character Dr. Jones and his bond with Harriet and his friendship with the Sheikh. While it isn’t the greatest film, it’s unique story and characters make it one not to miss.

Things I Like: In Time (2011 Film)

In Time 2011 movie poster Amanda Seyfried Justin Timberlake

I saw this one via DVD a few years after it came out.

Olivia Wilde In Time 2011 movie

The story is set in a not-so-far away future where nobody ages past twenty five years old. However after someone hits that age mark then they have to get more time in order to keep living. The hero of the story, Will Salas and his mother live in one of the poorest parts of the area. They are literally living day by day, having just enough time to see the next day.

Amanda Seyfried In Time 2011 movie

However a mysterious gentlemen named Henry Hamilton gives Will a century of time, and he uses it to travel to better parts of the country. He then meets the beautiful Sylvia Weis whose father has eons of time. When Hamilton turns up deceased, the Time-Keeper finds Will to question him on serious suspicions. He escapes with Slyvia, and she eventually helps Will try to change the world for the better.

Amanda Seyfried Justin Timberlake In Time 2011 movie

Overall In Time was actually better than I expected, though I always dislike the depressing mood of stories set in a dystopia. The movie is far from perfect as some of the story can be confusing, and some characters have little depth to them. Also a lack of real villain and the conclusion don’t help things either. I’m glad I saw it, but on the other hand I wouldn’t be terribly excited to see a sequel.