Video Game History: Batman: Vengeance (PS2)

Batman: Vengeance PS2 boxart

With the success of the various animated series based on Batman in the 1990s inspired a few video games. One of the most notable (based on The New Batman Adventures) was Batman: Vengeance which was an action game featuring Gotham’s greatest hero.

Batman: Vengeance PS2

The game also featured it’s own original plot. It starts with Batman saving a woman from the Joker himself. But a bigger problem reveals itself, and Batman must face other famous villains such as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Batman: Vengeance PS2 ubisoft

The game had fairly simple missions with basic powers at your disposal You could do simple punches and kicks, and you had plenty of Batman tools and gear to use. A lot of gamers claimed that the first-person view in some of the areas became too frustrating.

Batman: Vengeance PS2 video game

In the end Batman: Vengeance received a rather mixed reaction. It seemed Batman fans were split in between liking and hating the game. What seemed to be universally praised was the story and cut-scenes which were done by the same folks behind the awesome cartoon series. Regardless of personal opinion, it seems Batman: Vengeance will be forgotten especially after the legacy of the Arkham series.

Video Game History: Batman: Gotham City Racer (PS1)

Batman: Gotham City Racer PS1 boxart

In the late 90s and early 2000s it wasn’t uncommon for video games to try to compete with the Mario Kart series. I don’t know if that was the reason for Batman: Gotham City Racer, but it seems likely. I guess Ubisoft should of mentioned that the game isn’t really a racing game.

Riddler car Batman: Gotham City Racer PS1

Yeah, it’s not a “go-kart” racing game featuring Batman and friends, or even a realistic racing game with the Batmobile. Instead it’s a misson-based game where you can control Batman, Nightwing, or Batgirl and confront the vehicles of famous Batman villains in combat.

Batman: Gotham City Racer PS1

The game also had a few other modes, and a multiplayer option. It also featured clips from the animated show.

Batman: Gotham City Racer PS1 PlayStation

Despite not being terribly old, Gotham City Racer has been long forgotten by both Batman fans and the video game world. The few that did play it left rather unimpressed reactions. It seems somewhere in Gotham City, Batman took the wrong turn.

Video Game History: Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman: Return of the Joker sega genesis boxart

Batman: The Return of the Joker (known as The Revenge of the Joker on the Sega Genesis) was one of the first major video games staring Gotham’s greatest hero in the early 90’s. It came out after many video games based on the 1989 film Batman, but this one was instead based on the original comics.

Batman: Return of the Joker NES

Ironically despite being based on the comics, the game-play isn’t exactly suited for Batman. While the original NES Batman game featured powers and levels that seemed somewhat fitting for the Dark Knight, the Return of the Joker played a lot like the classic Mega Man games on NES. Instead of punches and batarangs, Batman can fire laser beams and other weapons Bruce Wayne never used.

Batman: Return of the Joker sega genesis

While the Sega Genesis version featured superior graphics, both versions received equal amounts of mixed reviews. While it may have had some fans, it became easily forgotten in the video game world.

Batman: Return of the Joker Nintendo game boy

Interesting enough, a Game Boy version was released featuring brand new levels and different game play. It actually played a lot like the original NES Batman, and received more praise than the NES or Sega Genesis versions.

Fun Fact: The American Senator Who Is The Batman Nerd Supreme

Fun facts about Patrick Leahy

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) may be a high-ranking member of the United States Senate, but he’s also a huge Batman fan. He’s been given cameo appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, the 1997 film Batman and Robin, the 2008 film The Dark Knight, and the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. His most notable role of the four is in The Dark Knight as he plays the gentleman that stands up to the Joker when he demands the location of Harvey Dent.

Things I Like: The Dark Knight (2008 Film)

In 2008 I had never seen Batman Begins (though I saw it later) but I was really hyped up for the sequel The Dark Knight. It was really hard to believe the super-excitement over the film. I think I saw it for my birthday in theaters while it was still fresh.

At the time, I didn’t know any of the exclusive back-story established in Batman Begins. But c’mon? It’s not hard to put the pieces together. Bale plays a great Batman, but I think he played the best Bruce Wayne of all time.

I also liked the trio-team of Batman, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent. Seeing all sides of justice working together was pretty neat. I also thought the process of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face both physically and mentally was for more realistic than his comic counterpart.

And Heath Ledger just stole the show with his role as the Joker. Though he wasn’t as clownish as Joker usually appears, he did earn the Oscar for best supporting actor. Might not sound too impressive, but the Oscars usually ignore comic book movies regardless of quality or popularity. It was such a shame Ledger died before he could receive his award.

But even though the Dark Knight Rises was a fantastic film, I still think The Dark Knight is the better film. It’s my favorite Batman film of all time, and it will be hard to top.