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Microban Sanitizing Spray

Microban Sanitizing Spray

Since COVID-19 has panicked everyone into taking all the Lysol spray they can find, alternatives have shown up. I really like this Microban spray. I’m glad I found some at work.

My 2014 Ford Focus

2014 ford focus

So the car I went with was a 2014 Ford Focus. I was almost as happy with it as I was with the Toyota Yaris I test drove. I didn’t mind the price or mileage either. Plus I really do dig the color blue.

leather car seats

The car has a pretty nice interior. My first car had leather seats, and I’m glad to have those again.

ford focus

The car has some pretty fancy features. There’s two computer-backed monitors that tell all kinds of information. I also have a backup camera which I’ve always wanted.

E85 fuel tank

The car is a Flex Fuel vehicle. It can take regular gasoline or E85. E85 is mostly ethanol, which is mostly renewable and better for the environment. It doesn’t get as much fuel per gallon so it would be more costly than gasoline. But since it’s prone to picking up dirt, I’m sticking with gasoline since I don’t want a repair bill.

ford focus

But overall I’ve been really happy with my Ford Focus. I hope it serves me well.

Hunting For My 3rd Car

dave edwards toyota used cars

My hunt for a car was a bit of a long and stressful journey. We looked at many car lots but we didn’t come up with much at first.

red toyota yaris

The car I most wanted was a Toyota Yaris but the price they were asking was too much and they didn’t cave on the price at all.

2014 Ford Focus

I found a small car lot recommended by my Aunt Kelli. It was in Inman SC and they had plenty of good finds. So I eventually got one. But which one you may ask? Check out my next post.

pitbull dog

While waiting in the office, I was kept company by Peaches, the pit bull owned by the family who runs the lot. She was so sweet.