The Wrong Missy (2020 Film) Review

The wrong Missy Netflix movie poster

Netflix often gets a lot of obscure movies. Adam Sandler had a good number of original Netflix movies, so I’m not surprised to see David Spade get his own as well. But the important question is, was it any good?

David Spade Tim Morris the wrong Missy

David Spade stars in the movie as Tim Morris, a semi successful middle-aged businessman. He goes on a blind date with a girl named Melissa and she’s absolutely crazy. Like literally insane crazy.

The wrong Missy Molly Sims has the right Missy

Not long afterward, Tim meets another Melissa who is much different. She’s gorgeous, nice to talk to, and she’s perfectly and legally sane. She gives him his number but they don’t immediately date yet.

The wrong Missy Melissa first date Lauren Lapkus

Tim decides to text Missy and invite her to a company resort in Hawaii. As he gets on the plane, he is horrified to learn he had crazy Missy accidentally invited instead. To Tim, this company resort might last forever.

The wrong Missy David Spade shocked face airplane

Overall, The Wrong Missy is a decent yet flawed romantic comedy. David Spade doesn’t really give much comedic gold here. His character is just a generic nice guy. Lauren Lapkus does a pretty crazy yet pretty good job as Melissa though she does get a little cringey with it. While it wasn’t a well received comedy by critics, I enjoyed it more than I thought.

Score: B-

Things I Like: Biff Tannen (Back to the Future)

Biff Tannen Back to the Future 1955 Diner red shirt Thomas Wilson

One of the best villains in any fiction, he was just a guy you loved to hate.

Original 1985 Back to the Future Biff Tannen mocks Marty McFly

In the original timeline reality, Biff Tannen became George McFly’s boss and still his bully.

Biff Tannen humiliates George McFly in 50s diner Back to the Future

Marty should have not been surprised, to see his young father being bullied by Biff all those years ago.

Biff Tannen under the sea Dance Back to the Future

We later learned he’s actually pretty okay with murder. He also should go to jail for other things.

Biff Tannen in pile of manure 1955 Back to the Future

We also knew how much he hated manure.

New 1985 timeline Back to the Future pathetic Biff Tannen car washer

After Marty gets back from the past, Biff becomes a pathetic car washer guy.

Call Biff gives young Biff Sports Almanac Back to the Future 2

Old Biff Tannen in 2015 realizes that Marty and Doc Brown are time-travelers, so he uses the time machine himself to give himself a better future.

Biff Tannen Back to the Future 2 Donald Trump parody rich man

And he becomes a rich tycoon, and the only person happy in his future is him. With some luck Marty manages to fix this timeline.

Things I Like: Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen (Back to the Future 3)

Back to the Future 3 Buford Mad Dog Tannen

Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen is the main villain of Back to the Future 3. He is the ancestor of Biff Tannen, and he is played by the same actor.

Buford Mad Dog Tannen Tavern Back to the Future

I will say Thomas Wilson looks so much different as Buford than he did as Biff.

Marty McFly vs Mad Dog Tannen duel Back to the Future 3

Like his future great great whatever grandson, Mad Dog Tannen eventually picks a fight with Marty McFly.

Buford Tannen versus Clint Eastwood Back to the Future 3

I enjoyed watching Marty get the upper hand on him. After that he’s arrested for whatever crimes he’s committed which are a lot.